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Best Communication

My name is Kevin Casper, founder and current project manager of this oh so interesting project. The question I'm sure everyone will want to know is:

Why am I doing this?

Well, They say necessity is the mother of invention. The reason for this project comes straight out of the situation I just left.

The situation: I was a leader of a groups of not so motivated college students in a student organization. They have good capabilities, but do not really care to use them. Even basic things like sending out an announcement to an email list becomes a big production. After all they aren’t there on weekends and have a hard time remembering on Monday and Tuesday most times. Sending out an announcement on Wednesday is too late for a Wednesday meeting. Plus they are unable to maintain a web page calendar because it takes too much time? Add to this situation I recently discovered that our web host has an undocumented 80 per hour email limit, and if they have more limits, they are refusing to tell us. Emails that go over this limit are simply deleted with no indication of such things. To put it mildly, our communications ability is just about gone.

So we need an email list that can delay an email to a set time(s) and date(s) with the capability of mailman and an email floodgate to limit the rate emails are sent. Plus it must update a calendar. It would also be cool if select emails would go to a bulletinboard. I started to alter other open source projects to fit the email delay problem, but that is easier said than done. I ended up making edits in a dozen different areas as noone else has designed their software with the possibility of this feature in the future. After a time I gave up on that. I have a dislike for hacking a program like that.

For the next month I daydreamed when there was nothing better to do and I generalized and widened the focus of what I would like to see happen. Now you are looking at the first step along this jouney.


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