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Best Communication

Best Communication is a mailing list tool that will connect together a variety of communication tools. At it's center will be a mailing list capability that will one day rival mailman.

Plus because of the modular setup, It will be able to use a bulletinboard such as phpBB2, a calendar, or just a email account for its source. All information drawn from these sources will be ran thru a set of filters and then outputed to a mailing list, a calendar, a bulletinboard, or whatever else there is a module for that is selected.


At this time the entire setup is still in the framework design to building transition. When the module framework has made it to a release canidate, I will invite others to join this project and to make modules for their favorite webservices.


I cannot say when anything will reach a useable point. Hopefully there will be a rough framework avaliable around the end of January 2005.



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